Castle Events

We also offer (for events only) :

- €220 to € 300 two bedrooms (ensuite) breakfast included
– €200 to € 280 singleroom breakfast included

All Prices include 10% VAT ( events 20% VAT )

Following events can be held at the castle:
-Parties, receptions, wedding dinners
-Company events
-Concerts, lectures
-Celebrations off all kinds (birthday, christmas etc)

Eventrooms of the Castle Wasserburg:
-Chinese Room: 36 m²
-Library: 36m²
-Red Hall: 70 m²
-Wedding Hall: 80 m²


Guests Summer  1.5. – 30.9. Winter 1.10 –30.4.
Hochzeitssaal 75m2 max. 60 1800€ 1860€
Hochzeitssaal 75m2
Roter Salon 70m2
max 80. 2200€ 2280€
Hochzeitssaal 75m2
Roter Salon 75m2
Chinesenzimmer 36m2
Bibliothek 40m2
max 100. 2600€ 2700€


In the 40 hectares surrounding the castle there are also excellent places for setting up tents (marquees) with wonderful views of the castle. We will be happy to advise you about the outstanding catering available in the area around the castle. Please do not hesitate to call us for further details and prices. All prices including 20% vat.


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